Odor Elimination

Remove Odors from Your Home for Good

You may have tried to get rid of odors in your home by spraying air fresheners or lighting candles. The problem with these methods is that they only mask the odors - they don't get rid of them. In fact, they may even cause further contamination of the home due with chemical ingredients.

Improve ventilation

What causes the lingering odors? Sometimes, poor ventilation in a home causes unpleasant odors. Moisture condensation on walls or windows and stuffy air are signs of poor ventilation. A qualified service technician can inspect your home comfort system to determine if this is indeed the problem, and the technician can also inform you whether or not your equipment is working properly.

Purify the air

Bacteria, dust mites, animal dander, cat saliva and mold may also be roots of your home's odor problem. You can reduce these odor-causing contaminants with a germicidal (UV) light, which inhibit the growth of biological contaminants, sterilizing surfaces in the HVAC system. Germicidal lights are designed to work with your home comfort system.

Activated carbon and microbiocide-treated filters can also purify your home's air. Both the carbon and the microbiocide-treated filters remove odor and kill bacteria. The carbon filters are more effective at removing odor, and the microbiocide-treated filters trap bacteria as the air is pulled through, which inhibits biological contaminants from growing.

Electronic air cleaners clean the air by taking recirculated air and passing it through a prefilter that traps large pollutants. Then, ionizing wires give a positive electrical charge to remaining particles. The particles are collected by a negatively charged collecting section. Pollutants pass through an optional carbon filter that absorbs unwanted odors.